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Renovating and revitalizing is our specialty! We can come up with ideas to give your property a beautiful makeover. Building a new home? Let our creativity flow! Do it right the first time!


We have the perfect size equipment for residential properties allowing us to provide a variety of services with the least amount of disturbance to your property.


Urban drainage can sometimes be a delicate project to tackle. Our job is to alleviate or move the water to a suitable outlet restoring your yard to a useable functioning space. At the same time, water cannot be moved or pushed to adjoining properties. Drainage laws have to be followed. Permits are usually required. Our years of experience and training will guarantee success in this area.


Our process is traditional excavation waterproofing. We perform an exterior waterproofing process which is IBC (International Building Code) recommended method to properly correct water intrusion. See our Services page for an outline of the steps involved in this process.


We offer a complete lineup of tree service needs. As always, safety is our top priority.


We have the equipment , tools and expertise to handle a variety of demolition work. We work safely and efficiently to accomplish these projects in a timely manner.

Serving Homeowners, Contractors and Businesses throughout all of the Northeast Ohio area.



John LaCava, OCNT
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